Best Restaurant in Nkob village - Zagora

Best Restaurant in Nkob village – Zagora, it’s in Ennakb kasbah where you taste the best Moroccan Berber meal!
you will taste the delights of Berber cuisine, tajine, couscous with vegetables, méchoui … vegetarians are also welcome!

Enjoy the good Moroccan tea and Moroccan pastries!

Our breakfast:
Enjoy your typical Berber breakfast, on the terrace of the kasbah which offers a panoramic view of the Berber village of Nkob.
You can choose a very rich menu of vitamins, juices and omelettes, butter, jam, and organic olive oil. Our traditional Moroccan kasbah and a Berber lounge and a large terrace overlooking the village of Nkob. Our dishes are prepare by the village women in others includes a saçon following the traditional of the region, with all its taste of yesteryear.

Couscous and Tajine are Moroccan dishes that differ from region to region. For example couscous in Marrakech is made with basic ingredients of wheat grains and vegetables, but the magnitude of preparation and defeat of that of our village, this is what gives it a good taste, even when it is acts of tagine. Our Tagine is typically Berebe Nkob.

We prepare good salads with fresh organic vegetables grown locally. The fruits are generally fresh seasonal fruits, grapes, oranges, bananas, melons …

Terasse and the Restaurant lounge

Best Restaurant in Nkob village - Zagora
nkob kasbah
Best Restaurant in Nkob village - Zagora