Hiking and Trekking From Nkob village

Hiking and Trekking From Nkob village: Ennakb Kasbah is the starting point and rest for hikers in the Saghro Mountain.
we offer trekking with our local guide in the nkob area as well as the magical Saghro mountain.
we organize trekking tours of one to several days in the Mountain of Saghro.
our trekking and trekking from kasbah Ennakb are guided by a local guide accompanied by mules and camels who carry your luggage, during the hike.
you can visit the Neolithic Engravings of Ait Ouazik, the Rocky Pitons of Bab N’Ali and the Akhbache Waterfall in the Saghro Massif, the Dunes of Foum Tizza.

5 Days Trek in Saghro Mountain:

Itinerary details:

After breakfast we leave in the cool morning at 08:00. We cross a tray surrounded by austere peaks to the oasis of Hanedour.
Break in an oasis under the palm trees.
We continue in the valley of Hanedour until the shade of the palm trees, after the lunch.
In the afternoon, after 2 hours of walking, we arrive at the bivouac, close to impressive rock formations where our team has already set up the tents.
After a splendid sunset on the Djebel Saghro, dinner is ready, Night under tent in Tiguiza
Night at the bivouac in Tiguiza.
Walking Hours: 6H30

After brekfast we walk to Berkou canyon, we discover the Beautiful landscapes and we have the opportunity to take the magical photos, Night in a tent at the Berkou canyon at 1600m
Walking Hours: 5H30

Walk through the Berkou canyon, climbing a small pass at 1960m and lunch break at Iguli.
Night in tents at Tadaout N’Tablah in the middle of a rock cirque surreal landscape at 1800 m.
Walking Hours: 5H00

We leave Tadaout N’Tablah to reach the gigantic cliffs of Bab N’Ali 1620m.
Afternoon descent to the bivouac at 1563m.
Night under tent in front of the site of Bab N’Ali.
Walking Hours: 5H00.

After your breakfast we back to Kasbah in Nkob.

kasbah Ennakb morocco
kasbah ennakb morocco

One Day Trip To Bab N Ali Saghro Mountain:

Enjoy a 4×4 excursion from our Kasbah to the Saghro Mountains and discover the nomads in their tents and caves.

One Day trip From Kasbah Ennakb to The rock engravings Ait Ouaazik:

The rock engravings Ait Ouaazik are among the best known of southern Morocco. They are located 30km drive from Nkob. The village is located in an oasis in the Draa Valley near Nkob. ). At that time the area was a Aït Ouaazik steppe. The drawings represent mainly hunting scenes and geometric figures. The animals represented are elephants, giraffes, ostriches, buffalo and antelope. The drawings sometimes show hunting scenes. The geometric figures are spirals, concentric arcs and circles. Several techniques are used to etch the rock of soft sandstone:
– Staking: picket rock by giving it a regular succession of shocks, for an alignment points.
– Polishing: trace an outline where a more or less deep in the slab continuous line by polishing sandstone rock.
– The tazinien style: it is a particular aspect of polishing, or a few organs of animals represented are exaggerated length (legs, horns… without lacking artistic touch).